Mold test

I have done over 500 mold test in the past 8 years and have learned all the areas and temperatures of A/C units that cause mold to grow. The best areas to check for mold are in closets, under sinks and around tubs and showers. I only find mold in attics if there is or was a leak. In most cases in SW Florida it is in the A/C air handler or plenum, either air is set too high or the Temperature differential is too low, these will both cause mold to grow.
Suggest having A/C company clean and disinfect unit, this will usually take care of problem.

I won’t comment, but it is sad. I did print this, just to get a rise from the guys in the office. Everyone have a great day. :slight_smile:

Doug, I gather from your signature that you might be well versed in Mold as an environmentalist.

I had to read that post twice myself, but if you have the expertise and you do not comment, neither the poster nor anyone else will learn from that comment.

If you could explain, that would be great. :slight_smile:

What will cause the evil mold to grow?
What does clean/disinfect have to do with the temps…
Doug I hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you hit the floor!

<<MG>> State Lic Mold Assessor #1573 :slight_smile:

Doug—are you OK ? :smiley: Here is another better yet this is from a licensed professional …More than 10 sq ft ? :roll: Contaiment :roll: PPE :roll:
food on the table :shock: others in the area that may be sensitive without PPE :shock: Check it out

John Lapotarie just post this “The Art of Over Selling and Under Delivering

Good article, but as we all know Realtors just tell the client to have a “mold test”. Lots of money in air sampling :slight_smile:

Good One !