Mold testing delays

I’m weeks away from acquiring my license, and I was wondering how should I handle the possibility of discovering what might appear as mold. This finding could obviously;
a) cause a significant delay in the closing of the escrow
b) add reasonable doubt in the mind of a potential buyer
Thank you
François M.

a) cause a significant delay in the closing of the escrow- Not your problem

b) add reasonable doubt in the mind of a potential buyer - Good, it should

(sounds like you may be concerned about being a deal killer. That is no way to live. Report what you see; then you would have done a good job)


Thanks Brian

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It’s not just a possibility, it will be a regular occurrence. Mold isn’t the end of the world. Just report what you see and let the client/agent figure out what they want to do about it.


Good to know, experience in the field will teach me a few things



Welcome Francois! Good advice above and be sure to refrain from the term “mold” in your reporting.


This may be helpful. Just say it like it is…

A visible microbial, fungal or mold type growth was observed on floor system in crawlspace in several areas. I do not test or determine if this growth is or is not a health hazard for this determination is outside our standards of practice. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified mold contractor or expert for investigation and correction as needed.

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Agreed, you can remove the word mold from my narrative and still be accurate and they will get the point.

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The wording is impeccable
Thank you

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I use “possible mold and/or mildew.” Less confusion that way.

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For what it’s worth, I like using “apparent organic growth”.

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So can dozens of other things you could/will discover.


Thank you Joe

I agree with those who have responded thus far. Here is my narrative if you would like to use something similar:

Organic Growth / Possible Mold

The Inspector observed one or more area(s) with signs of visible, possible organic growth that may be apparent mold. We recommend having growth area(s) sampled and tested by a qualified mold inspector for baseline analysis. If tested positive to be mold, we recommend mold remediation by a qualified professional mold remediator. We recommend qualified professional/contractor identify source of moisture and repair to keep mold from growing/re-establishing. We recommend having growth area(s) re-sampled and tested by a qualified mold inspector for post-remediation/repair analysis to determine effectiveness of repairs and remediation.

If the organic growth is bad/plentiful, do not be afraid to disclaim the area for your safety/health - here is Limitation narrative I seldom use but I have ready if needed:

Visible/Apparent Mold Presented Hazard to Inspector Prevented Full Inspection

The Inspector observed excessive visible, apparent mold in the space that may be harmful to the Inspector’s health. This prevented the Inspector from proceeding with the Inspection in this area.

Take the health risks of mold VERY seriously - I slipped up ONCE and did not grab my respirator prior to entering an attic with active roof leaks and it was infested with a light-green mold. Within 2 days I had the worst respiratory infection I have ever had that took me 6 weeks and 3 different courses of strong antibiotics to overcome. Don’t be a fool like I was.


Good narrative Rick! :+1:

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Excellent advice Rick, and many thanks for taking the time to share.


Exactly. If a client walks from a house due to your findings, it’s not your problem. If you piss off a listing agent because of what you found, then you have done your job.

Yep. Using the"M" word can be bad joojoo.

I use the term “possible microbial/biological growth”, and refer it out to a “specialist” . Check your local license regulations for mitigation services. If a license is required, be sure to include the word “licensed”. Don’t leave the liability door even cracked open. CYA, CYA, CYA…

Thank you Michael for your feedback.
I’m not too worried about a deal going sour as much as the proper handling of the situation. As I am preparing to enter this market this simple consideration crossed my mind and I thought that I should reach out for seasoned advice.

François M.

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