Mold Testing Equipment

I have the pump and air o cells, and bio tape. What other equipment does one need for a mold inspection service? Also do you guys test inside walls for mold inside the wall cavity?

Are you certified/qualified to do that type of inspection? Just wondering.

Why do you do testing inside of walls??? You probably could use some training to learn what to do with that equipment you’re buying. Might even keep you out of court and the “poorhouse”.

This is great, just printed it and posted it on our bulletin board in our office. A suggestion from one of my coworkers. People wonder why Texas, Arkansas and Florida passed mold inspection laws.

Eric,Get some training, lots of training, then about 40 to 60 hours of continuing ed each year.

Yes, I do test inside wall cavities, but only when necessary. Jim at Springfield Indoor Air Quality can sit you up.

A good starter course for you, Eric, is on using IESO testing protocol. A lot of your questions will be answered then. They should have one next month in St. Louis.

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Wow I was looking into getting into mold testing. I was wanting to figure up the cost involved into getting into the business. You should support you fellow NACHI members and not tear them down.

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Doug does not mean no harm. He grows on you after awhile.

You have never heard of testing for mold in wall cavities?

I joined NACHI as a home inspector and went through the mold IAQ training and was trying to determine the cost of getting into mold inspection and this Doug guy jumps all over me. I thought we could all be adults here.

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Doug is like Linas, they do not remember how it was when they started out. Asking questions is a good thing and should be encouraged. Do not let other people discourage you. We are all here to learn. Nick has always said if you need to tell somebody to kiss your *****, you are more than welcome to on this message board.

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Thanks for the kind words. I think you are one of the top members of NACHI. My dad passed away a couple months ago he did mold testing so I thought I would pick it up to carry on the tradition.

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Years ago, when I first started, the IESO class with membership dues to IAQA and the hotel room, I spent about $8OO.

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Thanks James im going to check that out.

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James is like the other James from Missouri…a know-it-all-smart a s s:)

We know each other too well, Linas.:smiley:

It’s a Beautiful day in the neighborhood Mr. Rogers

Yeah, comments like that are nothing more than someone stroking their ego.

It’s irritating when you try to ask a legitimate question and people respond with such worthless information.

Hopefully you found the info you needed.

Take Care

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Yep…I have seen so much of this in just the few months I have been in business. It’s really sad, how us new guys come here for help and the ones who should be helping and offering advice just poke fun and tear you down. I just look over them because I’ve been in the Army for 17 years, so nothing can get under my skin.

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Seems from the date of this conversation, it’s been going on for far too long.

I currently own a licensed HVAC business in NC and I would like to add mold testing on as an ancillary service we offer. Mold testing is not regulated by my state so I am having a hard time differentiating the legitimate training’s and labs. I have no interest in mold remediation as I only want to offer mold testing and refer out for clean up. I want to know what I am talking about and do this the right way… any advice???/ty