Mold Testing Equipment

Fellas, I’ve taken and passed my Mold Testing Final Exam, I’ve talked to and bought my mold testing equipment from EMSL, and I’ve watched all the film on using the equipment, but I’m still not comfortable with what I’m doing. I’m wondering if someone living moderately close to me who is using the same equipment I am, would be open to a ride along for some mold testing for a day or two? I appreciate the consideration, thank you!

Ed DeRousse
BESTCHOICE Home Inspections
Manassas, VA 20110

In the meantime… Call your local EMSL Lab/Service Center and see when their next training/seminar will be held. They have these a couple of times a year in my area.

Thanks Jeffrey, I’ll do that.

Another resource for training would be the manufacturer of the equipment you purchased.

Good luck.