Mold testing information for website?

Hi all,

I’ve decided to add mold testing to my services and want to add a webpage on my site for that.

I’m looking for advice on what to say and perhaps even more important what not to say/offer on my website.

Any helpful advice is much appreciated!


Watching this

Hi, Tom –

Here’s the boilerplate we use in our brochures, and you’re welcome to use it on your website:

Mold Inspection

Unchecked mold indoors can damage the structure of a home, cause wood rot, and ruin drywall. Most importantly, mold can cause negative health effects. A professional mold test starts with a thorough inspection of your property. I will investigate any signs of past or present water intrusion, which can promote mold growth, and I will take samples of any suspected mold for laboratory analysis.

If you have a testing provider, it might be useful to add the turnaround time for test/report results.

Additionally, if you’ve taken our Mold Inspection Course and have joined IAC2 (for free), you can find more information there (in terms of disclaimer language). You can also use the IAC2 logo (see below). (We also offer an Advanced Mold Inspection Video Course.)

Hope that helps!


Hi Crimea,

Thanks for the boilerplate, I’ll put it in the blender and see what comes out!
Did the mold courses and joined the club too.

Onward and upward!