Mold Testing Kits

I’m at a crossroads - I don’t know which way to go!! :slight_smile:

Recently received training in Mold Inspections and I’m ready to gear up and extend it as a service. I’m looking at the following companies and their kits - - any comments would be welcome.

I’m leaning towards one of the EMLab or Zefon kits. I’ve seen mixed comments on Pro-Lab, I’m not sure I want to take my chances with them. I’m located in Oregon, so it is somewhat appealing that EMLab has a California location. I haven’t checked but with Zefon being in Florida and EMLab being in California I might save some money on expedited freight.

Anyway - - thanks in advance everyone.


The first link is all that you will need to start out with. Emlab has good training, never tried their lab.