Mold training at House of Horrors?

Are there any plans to offer mold training at the Colorado House of Horrors?

HOHII is located at Pro-Lab.

I know.

But Florida is a long plane from Los Angeles, and thus much more time away from inspecting.

Boulder would be much easier to schedule around.

We can hold a mold class for you. When would you like it?

Any time next month would be ideal.

Ashi is having one March 10th in Illinois. And while it’s conveniently located near where my cousin lives, it’s not at the HOH, and wouldn’t be as detailed as what the HOH can provide.

Plus flying to Chicago+time zone changes = less time being able to inspect.
I’d rather fly to Boulder.

Not to mention I don’t want to sent the entire time explaining why I dropped my ASHI membership a long time ago.

I have asked to be a guest speaker for a Real Estate event on April 19th, and I have some other things going on at the end of April.

But all of March still looks good to have a mold class. :slight_smile: