Mold, water quality, radon testing etc. services

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking into getting laboratories to do by testing for me after I’m done collecting samples. So the issue I’m having or question I should say is what’s the turn around on such services as Mold testing, water quality testing, indoor air quality testing, radon testing etc. I have a laboratory in mine that I’ve been looking at looks like the testing is around 3 days for certain things to 7 days for others. Is this about right for everyone else?

Thanks for your time.

Brandon Bellis

TAT’s vary by Lab, sample, process, and need. A mold sample can take from 3 days to 10 days depending on your need/requirement for information. Some samples need to be cultured and grow to make a specific determination. Also, faster times are sometimes available, but it’s gonna cost ya! This is also true with Radon. One company I use does “results same day sample is received” where another is standard 3 days, or pay for a faster (same day as received) results. Both of these Labs are great, but serve different segments of the industry.

Generally speaking, if you do large volume, EMSL is my choice for most sampling testing. Although EMSL does Radon also, my preference is RTCA. There are many other Labs to choose from, and even more to avoid at all costs! From my experience, the ones that claim to be unbelievably fast and cheap, are the ones to avoid!!