Mold Work

Afternoon all,

Has anyone on this forum ever received an inquiry for potential ongoing Mold Work, from a Mr. Jeff Thornton, who says he is with Nationwide Publishing Company, and is trying to sell publishing space for contacts by Insurance Agencies and such, in search of Mold Inspectors to perform Mold Testing for their companies? If so, is this guy legit? I spent about 45 minutes this morning on the phone with him, and although his conversation sounds encouraging, I feel reservations running through my mind. In some ways, it almost feels like a scam. I figure if he’s calling me, he’s probably calling others of you as well. Is there any input for me out there?



He called me.

Sounded like some kind of scam to me.

Follow your instincts, they are seldom wrong.

When those hairs start to stand out on the back of your neck, your Spidey sense is kicking in.

Follow the Spidey sense, it will not lead you astray!

He called us also, and sounded like a scammer, and not even a crafty on at that.


I received a voice mail from him. Has anybody ever followed through and figured out what the real angle is?