Moldy, leaky basement due to exterior cracks and other ext-openings in house

we pull up to saw cut and bust out some concrete and… lol, an hour later Everdry pulls in neighbors driveway, to… well some know

mold for breakfast?

2 short videos on the outside where we busted up some concrete, someone previously tarred along perimeter so yet again, we have concrete AND farting around with perimeter and i ask, again lol, did THAT fix the leaky basement? sheesh

The tops, the beginnings of vertical cracks in block walls which ARE the problems, they ARE why n where water is getting in (plus some tuckpointing needs)

back corner

installing an expensive interior basement water diverting system and 22 sump pumps would NOT stop further water from entering and so would not stop further mold, hell no, you are getting lied to and ripped off

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