Molt test results

I did a complete home inspection on a home which was only partially occupied. The finished basement was rented and the first and second floor was vacant. The roof was replaced within last few years. I did not find any visible mold or active moisture signs but the home had a bad odor. The home had severely stained rugs and the odor could have been from the rugs. I did find some rotted wood around a window upstairs which tested negative with moisture meter. The walls had just been repainted as well. At request of client/buyer I did air sampling. I did one exterior and 3 interior. The results showed elevated levels of asp/pen (outdoor was 300c/m3, indoor was 7680 and 4960 and basement was 990) in the main levels and slightly elevated levels of same in basement. My question is based on all this info what do you guys think? What would you recommend to you client if this was your situation? Keep in mind the home has been mostly vacant for some time. The day I did the air samples I was the only one that entered the home and I limited the time the doors were opened as well.

Sorry title was supposed to say Mold test results. Stupid iPad auto correct.

I would say there is a active mold upstairs more intrusive investigation needed

I would agree with Wayne. I would be suspect of the carpet pad since you noticed staining.

I was gonna say… I don’t test for molt. You can usually just see the feathers lying around the coop… :wink:

Yeah I agree about the carpet padding. I did a thorough inspection and did not find any source of moisture. The home was a rental home for a long time so who know what was spilled on the carpets or maybe pet urine could be source of moisture and be the cause of the bad odor.

Manny unless you have ex-ray vision you can not see in the wall cavity if the window was leaking likely in the wall. did you take a sample in the wall?

Everyone’s idea of an inspection is different, too often we find people overlooked something.
Did you use an infrared camera?
Did you check the “normal places” with a moisture meter?
Don’t open a wall for wall check without a containment around the area.
Doing a mold inspection generally takes longer than doing a home inspection. Were you there twice as long as if you had just done the home inspection?
Did you clean your sampling equipment before you entered the home?
Did you open HVAC / furnace / attic access before sampling?
I could go on, but you need to ask yourself lot of questions, you were at the the property.
Point is if you did an inspection you should be able to make a call.