Money does not = smart

I inspected a 1/2 million dollar home yesterday I don’t always look for light fixtures in the trees:shock:

At least they have the conductors in conduit.

What happens when the tree grows?

Depending on the amount of growth it could tear the electrical apart. But you know that ;-).

If they have the money or the desire they could always repair as needed to match the growth.

When the squeeze is on the conduit they run a UF Cable. :):wink:

Trees grow from the top not the bottom .
At the bottom they do get bigger around only .

As Roy said the trees will only grow outward on the bottom so as long as there is an allowance for that growth there shouldn’t be a problem. Also the NEC does permit lighting in trees.

To late I already told client to tear that Chit out:(:frowning:

So did I. :slight_smile: