'money grab'

Home inspectors’ association says licensing-fee increase a ‘money grab.’
“There’s absolutely no rational reason why they should be getting more money,” said Hamm, who is the head of the Home Inspectors Association of B.C. and a Kelowna-based home inspector. “They should be able to tighten up their process.”

“upcoming licensing-fee increase is a “money grab” that will hike prices for consumers and prevent people from entering the industry.”

Service Alberta charges a business with three or fewer licensed inspectors $500 for a two-year licence.

What on earth did you or they expect. Licensing department is non profit but hey if boss wants a raise prices have to go up. ’ “upcoming licensing-fee increase is a “money grab” that will hike prices for consumers and prevent people from entering the industry.” That’s the way it always works. If fewer inspectors are out there working then prices have to go up to cover costs, nothing new there either. You as a businessperson should be happy fewer are entering the competition for inspection business.

It is not and has never been about protecting consumers it is about government creating jobs in the form of a bureaucracy that someone else has to pay for.

In any case the consumer has to bear the costs because the inspector has to pass along his costs including higher insurance and marketing, licensing costs and educational fees. Its just business. Those inspectors who don’t understand that will fall by the wayside and that too is the way it works. Stop crying about the poor unprotected consumer. If licensing is a reality in your neck of the woods start marketing, jack up your prices to anticipate rising costs and become a real businessman/woman. I don’t want to discuss fees in this public forum but any Canadian inspector heading out the door for less than $450 starting fee is bound to fall by the wayside in a licensed province.

Thanks for the reply Bruce.

The effort is/was consumer protection, or so was the mantra.
The $500.00 increase yearly is hardly going to gouge home inspectors or consumers. It was also predicted. If you make 50K annually, increase the cost of a home inspection by 1%.


Thanks Robert another great post from you Showing all Inspectors what is going on in our INDUSTRY .
I sure appreciate you sharing your information and ideas to help other inspectors .

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The reality is the cost is being passed on to cover the administration, and bricks and mortar HQ’s. In Ontario the licensing of home inspectors will be borne by home inspectors -aka: self-funded, and not tax payers. As I have stated before do not be surprised to see a license fee in the range of $1000/year, or possibly more in Ontario. Likewise one should not be surprised by the increase of licensing fees in other areas, that we already pay for - drivers license, passports, - just to name a few.

Now whether its a reflection of a reasonable increase or reality of fact, thats another question.

And you can bet dollars to donuts that the administrative staff will be compensated more than the contributing Home Inspectors make doing the grunt work in the field!

And when they get a bonus the fees will go up to pay for them.

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