Moneybox-Water Heater to HVAC???

Does anyone have info on MONEYBOX unit that circulates from hot water tank to outdoor a/c condenser?

What would you like to know?
Heat recovery units, also known as desuperheaters, utilize the hot refrigerant from when your central air conditioner or heat pump is operating to heat water in a traditional tank water heater for domestic water. This helps lower the cost of your utility bills for hot water. It also extends the life of the air conditioner or heat pump since the refrigerant entering the compressor is cooler.

I dont have an specific information on that particular brand. I know that I have never seen one get hooked up after a condensing unit upgrade. only on the original unit installations.
I dont test them and make that clear in the reports. I only note if it is hooked up or abandoned.

Thanks Ken
I am trying to find some info on the web or something that shows in detail how it works.
Client is not familiar with them, neither am I.

I know it helps heat water and cool refrigerant, and thats about it.
Will it also help heat pump in cool weather ?

About 15-17 years ago, Carrier sold an A/C unit that used the waste heat to heat the hot water. A great idea but never sold enough units for profitability and they discontinued it about 2002-4 or so. Pity!!

They should resurrect it!!

I will check out Carrier maybe the have some more info

Once the air conditioning systems get to 13 seer and above these systems become obsolete

The ECU Hot Water Generator Exchanger

The ECU is connected to a water heater and an air conditioner, heat pump, or refrigeration compressor. A small pump circulates “cold” water from the bottom of the water heater tank through the heat exchanger within the ECU where it interacts with the hot refrigerant gas from the compressor via a heat exchanger.

The resulting heated domestic water is then pumped back to the water heater. Reclaiming waste heat from high compressor discharge temperatures is a proven principle of energy recycling that produces abundant hot water safely and economically.

A 125 degree hot gas cut-in thermostat insures the ECU only runs when waste heat is available from the refrigerant system, a necessity for heat pumps. The 140 degree hot water cut-out thermostat shuts the system down when the incoming water is 140 degrees, indicating a full tank of hot water. Other options include: /F - freeze thermostat that activates the water pump should temperatures in the ECU itself approach 32 degrees (freezing); /V - bleed type ball valves for draining the unit in the winter; /PC - hand valves with high pressure blow-off’s when needed for local code compliance; /R-410A - tested and approved for both R-410A and R-22.

We offer a dual coil single pump model for when you have two AC’s or Heat Pump’s units located near each other, enabling easy compact installations with either or both units returning “free” heated water to the water heater.

The ECU heat recovery unit also reduces the compressor load, which increases compressor efficiency and extends compressor life. The ARL test indicates a full 1+ seer increase in the AC or Heat Pump system efficiency. This is great benefit in these tough times, besides providing your customer with “free” domestic hot water

Thank you. That is a huge help!
It is always good to have a little info on this type stuff, even if it is not included in the inspection.

thanks again

One of the few inventions that actually worked. Hummmm. Maybe that is why no one used them anymore. I get so peeved when I see an new unit installed and they dont re-hook these up.

I did not open it up and poke around but it looks pretty basic. Once installed its free money with little else to do.
Oh yea…thats why they call it a money box.

I cam across one the other day and the screws were out of it, so I took a look inside. Looks like a small circulatory pump and and a piece that is insulated, probably contains coils. oops the photo is upside downside

basicly 2 sets of coils on the condensor, 1 with refrigerant and 1 with water. When the condensor turns on a 1/16 hp pump shown in the pic above circulates water around the condensor heating the water making life easier for the W/H. They also use this method for heating homes when natural gas is used. Same application but 2 sets of coils in the air handler, 1 water and 1 refrigerant.