Monitoring of smoke alarms

Let’s say the home has monitoring alarm system. The home is empty but is still being monitored. Do you hit the test button on the smoke detector with no access number to call monitoring company?

SMOKE DETECTORS and CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS** are often connected to the fire and intrusion alarm systems, and operating detectors may result in unwanted visits by police or fire departments. The built-in test button, when present, only verifies proper battery and test-light function; it does not test sensing capabilities. Therefore, detectors will not be tested. The location will be noted. **
**Recommendation: Obtain pertinent information from seller before closing and have the system checked by a security company or local fire department. **



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I agree with Jae and I agree because I learned that the hard way. I was inspecting a lake house that was on a monitored alarm system. The alarm was 'Off" and when I simply pushed the smoke alarm Test button the system detected that and 10 seconds later set the main alarm off. I had two fire trucks, a local sheriff’s deputy and the subdivision monitor in front of the home within 2 minutes of that. It took a long-distance call to the Owner to find a code to get the alarm turned off. So, I learned that just because the burglar alarm is off doesn’t necessarily mean the whole system is off. I disclaim the smokes like Jae if the home is on a monitored system and the Seller/Owner is not present to assist with the testing.

I don’t do smoke alarms and CO alarms…All my clients get this notice.

Massachusetts law requires that all residential structures be equipped with approved smoke detectors and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors upon sale. The local fire department will issue a certificate to prove compliance. The Seller is responsible for obtaining this certificate before close of escrow. Your Realtor will go over this with you.****