Monroe Infrared offers InterNACHI-exclusive discount.

I set thru one of their classes in Austin a few years ago. They were really good AND they got to the basics better than most IR classes I’ve ever taken.

How are Monroe and ITC related? I ask because they have seem to have the same schedule in the same cities on the same dates…for example the level 3 course in Nashville in June

For ASNT Level I, II and III Thermography Certification Monroe Infrared is partnered with the Infrared Training Center (ITC), the largest infrared training company in the world.

Well that explains it lol…was wondering if I was going to run into you at level 2 in Tampa last week

I’ve been wanting to do that. Maybe next year when my level 1 runs out. I used to do that too with my pilot’s license. I would just get a new rating instead of a flight review every 2 years.:cool: