Monthly Meeting

Hi All- I am new to InterNACHI and was wondering if there was a local InterNACHI Home Inspector Chapter that I could join in my area (Central NY)? I know some places offer monthly meetings to meet and talk face to face- just curious if this offered.

Check in with David Okeef. He does a lot with the meetings that happen there

Doug, our monthly chapter meetings are in Clifton Park, NY. (currently).
I am not sure of your location in central NY, but we may be too far for you to travel. There is/was a chapter in Syracuse, maybe that would be closer to you.

Where are you located

Thanks for the info Dave. I live in the Rome/Utica area- about 90 miles from Clifton Park (a bit to far for a meeting) and about 40 miles from Syracuse- which I am willing to drive to. If anyone knows of a chapter in this area- it would be greatly appreciated- OR if they need one started- I would be willing to assist.

Ask Nick about starting a chapter: . He is happy to assist.