Monthly Tips for Homeowners - New postcards available in our marketing library

Develop a relationship with homeowners by sending them these monthly postcards which present useful, home-related tips.

The back contains only the InterNACHI logo, leaving plenty of room for a personalized message.

They would also be a great leave-behind following inspections.

Check out the entire collection of postcards by visiting our marketing library:






Great idea

How muc are the and how many do you get in a pack? They look great.

We haven’t had them printed yet, but if you’re interested I can get a quote from our printer. Let me know how many you would like.

Jessica there are different items for different areas. Mine is probably the exeption to most things. We have no freezing, no ice dams, no basements. But if you send the rough drafts I can tweak them to fit my area.

Thanks - I personally love the idea.

Lucky dog, we might see spring by mid may :mrgreen:

That would be great Russell. I just sent you an email.

Jessica, would you mind doing the same for me please?
Thanks so much. :smiley:

I just sent it to you Jerry. Thanks!

Jesse could you email them to me as well :cool:



Would you do the same for me please?
Thanks a lot

Vicente Martinez
Mr. Home Inspector

I would appreciate it, too, Jessica.

whis11 @

Vicente and Larry, I just sent you both emails.

Hi Jessica.

Could you send one to me as well. Would like to north of the borderize it.


It’s sent!

Thank you Jessica!