Moonshine still was tough to find

It took this rocket scientist almost 4 years to locate a moonshine still when he knew all along who was selling the juice. I guess looking behind the guy’s trailer did not seem like the thing to do. Could this lead us to the root cause of what is wrong with this country?

Now I know where I want to retire. There can’t be much in the way of crime in Nash County, if this bust is deemed newsworthy.

I think the reporter saw it the same way I did, the story is more about the ALE agent’s “talent” and not the actual crime.

Jeez! I drove right through town last month on my way back from Florida. Coulda picked up a jar or two :shock:

Thank God our tax dollars are hard at work here squelching this massive crime wave that an 11 year old Girl Scout could have solved. Sounds like they were making some pretty tasty liqour. Their big crime was not cutting the government in on their share in the form of taxes.

Based on the description the paper published, this stuff sounds like it would taste great. These guys should get licensed, and take this “publicity” for all its worth. They could go from one still and three months in jail to a big time distillery with this kind of advertising.

How about a source of heat that won’t smoke? Better luck next time for the Woods bro’s.