More Citizens backlash

very good article…

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Good Read. :slight_smile:

Vote the bums out…return citizens insurance to the consumers. Vote for the candidates that want to protect consumers and protect whats left of floridas economy.

Here are the highlights of the article for those who haven’t read it…

Reinspections hit customers in the wallet
—More than 225,000 Citizens customers have been visited by company-paid inspectors
—74 percent lost credits for hurricane-resistant features as of June 30
—Average premium increase: Nearly $600, or 23.5 percent
—Total premium increase: $135 million
—Company’s net after paying inspectors: More than $100 million

And that is as the the late Paul Harvey would say… “the rest of the story”…


35 million to inspectors! WOW!!

Actually, it doesn’t really say the inspectors took 35 million. It says they (Citizens) netted “more than” 100 million. They may have netted 125 million… :twisted:


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The math is simple. If you disregard the ‘more thans’, 35 million for 225,000 customers equates to $155.55 each inspection. You know damned well thay don’t pay half, and prolly not even a third that!!! :shock:

I like how Inspection Depot made the News again…

Sounds like the “unnamed inspector” sound familiar… :mrgreen:

I am proud to state my name.

This isn’t Citizens fault or the inspectors fault, this is the way the form is written. Door must be impact rated, not wind only.

You mean you weren’t the only one who didn’t get paid? :shock:

As I said previously, forced-placed insurance followed by foreclosure.

And the reason that foreclosures have to happen is so that the title problems can get straightened out. It is all one big circle.