More compliments about Zoe...

Dear Zoe Fackler,

It was nice to meet you today, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to provide us the Inspectors the proctored exam, you strike me as a person who cares what happens to the Home Inspectors, you are doing everything possible in your power to maintain the situation and to make Home Inspections a respected business field. Zoe I have been in this business for 41 years seen it all, they come in go, one thing for sure if you do not keep up with Education and Modern Technology you will fail in this business. InterNACHI is a great Association, Nick is doing a GREAT JOB making sure everything is coming together. Well again thank you Zoe for you dedication you have for this Field of Expertise in the Science of Home Inspections.
Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI

Pelletier’s Home Inspection
Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI