More dumbing down of disaster names....

it’s official now, what was formerly known as a mine cave in, is now just a Mountain Bump. Poor miners. I feel real bad for them, to lose more while trying to save their friends, only to have the authorities to now say stop the rescue effort. The cost to quit is too high, and the gamble to continue is too great. God help their families! :frowning:

Painfull to watch, and to feel so helpless. Euphemisms attempt to soften an often harsh reality. No doubt he men who descended miles into the earth everyday perhaps allowed themselves to believe that “bumps” are part of their daily existence, but never allowed themselves to picture this tragedy.

You knew once the media got involved with 24-hour coverage that things would deteriorate quick, no doubt these accidents tend to happen mostly when trying to keep up with their sound bite schedule. Sad state of affairs.