More free benefits for NACHI members from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Just some of the U.S. Chamber member benefits

Save up to 20% on FedEx shipping

FREE, one-time, single job posting plus up to 30% off additional product purchases on

Yellow Transportation
Enjoy a 56% discount on all Yellow Standard Ground LTL deliveries.

The U.S. Chamber provides its members with enhanced services, such as business and personal insurance products, and leading publications, such as Access to the latest news and information is vital to your business success
A monthly publication keeping you up-to-date on the latest issues. Weekly
Free up to your time to manage your business. Get the latest small business news delivered to your inbox
E-mailupdates on legislation that affects your business.


So, we can mention in our literature that we are members?

Yes, we all are. They are going to be developing some small-business tools for NACHI members.

Thank You oh Benevolent one.

Really thanks Nick.:smiley:

Do they have a logo everyone can use? I can’t seem to find it.

What about user names and passwords?

I have already put their logo on my page if you want to snatch it.
Just click on the logo and save the image to your computer.

It’s a small .jpg file…

I will be e-mailing that information to the NACHI members once I get it. This part of the U.S. Chamber membership process might take a week or two before they have it set up in there system.