More From Mallory....

I started a new thread for this excerpt from Mallory’s deposition, for I feel it is important to highlight from the less serious and more comical clips from her deposition.

In her sworn statement, the Executive Director of NAHI has stated for the record that she “and other association leaders” have been engaged in discussions as to how to put individual members of NACHI out of business.

This blows the cover of NAHI and “the other associations” as they push their agendas throughout the country. It’s not about “the consumer” or “professionalism”.

The ED of NAHI, under oath, has revealed the real agenda…

Just a note to anyone fighting ASHI and/or their make-believe “coalitions” in any state legislative effort — Mallory has provided you with some very valuable information here.

In her sworn testimony, she has stated that she (as the head of NAHI) has engaged in conversations with the leadership of “other associations” regarding what she describes as an “industry wide” desire to put you…the home inspector who is a member of NACHI…out of business.

Use this transcript in communicating with legislators who desire proof of the malicious intent of the proposed bills. Provide it to media outlets.

This testimony was given under oath and cannot be denied or recanted. The proof you need that it is not “to protect the consumer” but to put certain competitors out of business has been provided to you.

Spread the word.

How do we obtain a copy of the manuscript for use as you suggest?

I will look into this and respond, soon.

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If you are a NACHI member and would like a copy of the deposition (260 pages), email me.

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Is this enough of it?

Does this lady ride a broom? :mrgreen:

Wheres Nick’s deposition?
I want to see the juicy stuff, and also see if NAHI provided evidence that nachi /nick does take names of other web sites, make one change to that web address. One example, how he left a [n ]out of a popular privately owned HI BB to get inspectors trying to visit that site go to his site, then called that site nazi news, bragged about it, and claimed he was going to put that business, out of business on this open BB

You know Dan, I normally put up with your tirades and sometimes I even agree with you, but in this instance it is not about NACHI or Nick Gromicko and I oppose you attempting to shift the focus.

This is about NAHI and Mallory’s admitted conspiring with “other association leaders” to put NACHI & NACHI members out of business, not because these members were violating some law, but just because they were NACHI members and she felt they were fair game.

If what she has sworn testimony to is true then this is not a matter for the civil courts but the criminal courts. Hopefully the “other association leaders” with whom she conspired with will voluntarily come forward and provide testimony before they too become the focus of a criminal investigation.

Dan: I didn’t purchase my own deposition transcript because I know what I said. If anyone has it, they may consider this post my written permission to post it for all to read. Dan, if you (or anyone) has a question of me I will certainly answer it here. You can ask anything you want regardless of how personal and I will try to answer it for you. Ask away.

Joe B: BINGO! You are consistently on the money with your posts and analysis.

Let’s not forget what they did to Porter Valley Software over Keith’s involvement with NACHI. I am sure with some further investigation you will find plenty of activities against others due to their association with NACHI.

This may turn out to be a huge scandal. Surely Mallory should not take the entire rap. I’m betting it will be tied to the NAHI board of directors. After all, she serves at their pleasure they are undoubtedly complicit in this activity.

Hey Nick,

It looks like you might want to simply refer top them as the “Inspection Industry Thugs for Minneapolis”.

I still don’t know why the jurisdiction for that case was in Michigan?

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aaahhhh yes!!! I think I hear the sound of rats scurrying to the side of the
sinking ship. Tis every man for himself lad. Tis time to squeal like a rat
indeed. God save our souls… Tis time to take a dive and tell all.

BTW… I will pay $20 to the first person that can find those NACHI
dog members. I want to personally shake their hand (paw). :mrgreen:

If I were a NAHI member, I’d call for her immediate dismissal as ED. She is part owner in a management firm, retained by NAHI, to manage the association. Previous to this, NAHI’s ED worked for a manufacturer of penile implants. I would hope that she did a better job with regard to those implants than she’s doing for NAHI, or I feel sorry for a bunch of guys who may be using the products of her former employer!

Admittedly, she knows nothing about home inspections. Apparently, she knows nothing about heresay, rumors, innuendos… and perhaps, has failed at keeping her personal feelings and apparent dislike for NACHI from influencing the account she has so poorly managed.

Based on the testimony provided, it appears that she has dragged an entire association down a rat hole.

Under oath, based upon the transcript provided, she freely admits to having conversations not limited to destroying NACHI, but our member inspectors, as well.

Under oath, she admits having conversations with leaders of other associations regarding this same topic.

This has got to be one of the dumbest moves I can recall. Forget harassing NACHI for a moment, and filing these lawsuits. She has admitted, under oath, a conspiracy; verified in conversation and action. Now the behavior of some PA NAHI members becomes a bit clearer to understand.

She states, without qualification beyond what she apparently pulled from her a$$, that pretty much everyone in the industry wants to see NACHI, Nick Gromicko, and all NACHI members put out of business. Talk about painting with a broad stroke… Simply amazing.

Like I said, if I were a member of NAHI, I’d insist she be removed from the account. Because, at the end of the day, the only thing she loses is an account. NAHI members are mere numbers.

NAHI as an account, has lost money, credibility, and members under her guidance. Not only has it been mis-managed, but may soon be involved in a criminal investigation, while under the guidance and watch of its Executive Director.

If she were working for me, she’d be banished to Bogeyland…

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**I’m betting it’s industry wide! If a criminal case goes forward, the other names will start flying out of her mouth, and it won’t be pretty. :frowning: **

If I was a decent nahi member, I would remove myself from this org.