More Guns, Less Crime

Tell us what it feels like. Some of us have no idea.

You are so clueless that if you dressed in a clue skin, doused yourself in clue musk, and did the clue dance in the middle of a field of horny clues at the height of clue mating season, you still would not have a clue.

Here is a clue… Conservatives are a minority in America who have always owned guns, if there is a grand increase in gun ownership it ain’t coming from the sector who already owns guns, it is coming from another source, most likely liberal or moderate Americans who are first-time gun buyers.

End of lesson.

In grade school, they taught us the difference between causation and correlation.

You still have not told me who all the pro gun liberals are.
Oh… I see you have avoided that little point. Again, thanks
for nothing.

Really?, apparently they didn’t teach you how to interpret hard research.

Don’t mention it… I wouldn’t share that information with you even if I knew, who knows what you or the subversive groups you belong to would do with that information. :wink:

I’m referring to the original post, that correlated a drop in crime with a rise in gun ownership. Is this the research you’re referring to? Because it’s just a statement of facts and an inferred correlation between the two. There is no obvious causation here because the variables were not controlled. I’m **not **saying that a rise in gun ownership did not cause a drop in crime, I’m just saying that anyone with half an imagination can offer a dozen reasons why gun ownership and crime showed such numbers, without a rise in one variable having had caused a drop in the other.

It may very well be that guns reduce crime, but composing “arguments” or “research” from a simple correlation really hurts your stance.

Read Lott’s book before you decide it’s only a correlation and not the causation.

Talk to criminals and they will help you understand why guns reduce crime…:slight_smile:
It is so hard to teach liberals.

I love my Guns, I am a So called Liberal, I was raised with guns, I have own up to 36 Long guns ( rifles) . I believe and have always believed everyone has the right to own one. I never thought of it being a liberal or conseravtive thing till i moved here .
BTW I came from a place that required you to register your guns.

Careful and be kind, you’ll ruin the illusion and that is all some people have.

Did Wayne finally admit it?

LOL i said so called Micheal. ,
But in some eyes i am a gun crazed Liberal
I bet if there was a poll you be surprised how many so called Liberals own guns. I think it is Conseravtive Myth that only they have balls enough to own weapons . Perhaps a little insecurity on their part.
Maybe if they let go of their blankies long enough and look around they could get educated on it

Or just go here

A lot of liberal own guns. But like everything else, most don’t think anyone else should be allowed to.

Just look at how many fat cat liberal democrats are in Washington who think it’s okay for them to have lots of money, but they somehow think it’s immoral for anyone else to make over 250K a year.

Know guns, know peace, know safety.
No guns, no peace, no safety.

the difference
FAT CAT Conservatives think they Own everyone else.

You mean a opposed to FAT CAT LIBERALS who want to control everyone. :roll:

Know pencils, know writing, know books
No pencils, no writing, no books.

Know peanut butter, know sandwich, know tasty meal
No peanut butter, no sandwich, no tasty meal.

Yes, the Know/No thing is both wise and profound

Micheala play in words you little devil. it sometimes it is better to be control somewhat than Owned. Controlling people can be ousted .

Wayne, I think you are trying to be funny, but I’m sure you know that’s 100% Bull ****.