More homes go wireless.

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(March 8, 2004) – Jupiter Research projects that the number of homes equipped with Wi-Fi will jump from 4 percent in 2003 to 8 percent this year. Wireless technology is going mainstream now that devices are cheaper and easier to install, but scores of homeowners still complain of dead spots.

More and more residents want wireless Internet access; and companies are now offering antennas, range extenders, and signal repeaters to fill service gaps. Still, some homeowners are forced to install additional base stations to reach all corners of their dwellings. However, these gadgets may not solve all of their problems. The limited range of antennas and the need to purchase devices from the same company to ensure compatibility are just some of the drawbacks.

Some of the most problematic properties are ranch homes, where the signal fades from one end of the house to the other; and two-level homes, where the signal may not be able to reach all the way up. The homes most suited for Wi-Fi are newly constructed abodes built with drywall, thinner wood, and less brick.

Source: Wall Street Journal (03/05/2004); Albergotti, Reed

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For the bigger houses you can do what I did. I have three wireless access points in my house all at different points. They act as gateways and keep the singal going. Very easy and inexpensive to do.

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