More issues with new calendar

While experimenting I realized some things.
The new hg calendar has no where to put any notes or description. Sometimes we have specific instructions, or roof permit info.
The information is transferring faster over to google calendar but only basic info.
Would adding a description section be possible to include extra needed info? would the pet instruction section be possible to use, and would this section transfer over.

The new calendar is nice with the emails and all, but I still have to go into the system on my phone to see it. It’s not a simple click like google. But I know you said you were working on that.

Again, Russell got an answer for me?
I love the fact that my inspector comments sends what ever I need directly to my inspection report when downloaded.
But when google calendar syncs It shows little information. I need to see some notes if possible. A phone number at least.
and to be frank, going back into the hg on my phone to try and find my appointment is nothing but a pain.
Google calendar is easy. 1 click and there is my info I need.

Hi Sean, this is Forrest posting under Russell’s account.

It sounds like you’ve found it now, but the new appointment manager does have a place to put the types of notes you want. When scheduling an appointment, under the Appointment Details there is an Inspector Comments section. All of the details in this section are pulled down into your report when you Download Online Appointments and will show up under Misc -> Inspector Info in the Inspector Comments section in your HomeGauge software.

As far as sharing those notes and details with Google Calendar, that is something we would like to do in the future. The way it works now is not possible to send all of those details but we are investigating integrating with Google Calendar directly (the current way works across a large number of calendar systems, including Microsoft Outlook). When we get to implementing it specifically for Google Calendar, we will be able to send appointment changes to them in real time and should be able to send more information about the appointment.

Thank you for your feedback.

The Google Calendar API supports the information.

The HG dashboard states " Note: Google Calendar only updates your calendar from our servers approximately every 15 hours. If you are not seeing appointments in your Google Calendar, please check the Last Accessed date for the access link below to see if Google has requested an update since the last appointment you created/canceled/changed. We do not know of a way to force Google to request more frequently but we are investigating a way to communicate changes with Google as they are made."

The Google Calendar API event PATCH method would appear sort this out, but it would rely on correct linking of the Google Calendar to the HG profile, and I suspect this is where development is needed. It’s not a trivial piece of coding or testing. I suspect it’s only a matter of time though.

When will we see more updates to the Scheduler? I need to be able to have my clients order a inspection online using the new Scheduler format.

We are developing the scheduler in this order:

  1. Accept Multiple agreements online
  2. Accept payment and force payment (we do this already but separate from the appointment)
  3. Customer and agent schedule themselves
  4. Call Center integration

I want these features yesterday. We are actively working on it.

Is there anyway possible to get the inspector comments to show up in the notes for google calendar? That would make life much easier.

A more streamlined agreement system would be great. Every time I send an agreement now, Homegauge adds a couple of zeros. Clients balk at 40000.00 inspections.

Until 5.2 comes out you just need to visit the invoice page and the code will be triggered to fix it. It only happens for downloaded appointments on the invoice.

let me know if this is not true.

You are correct. I have been doing that and am eagerly awaiting the new features.