More Money to License the Home Inspectors

NAR hikes dues to pay for lobbyists.

Just like government the objective of any group is to build power and not give any up no matter who it steps on.

Care to guess what a NAR lobby group might wish to accomplish?

Mandatory E&O

Sounds like NAR is little more than just another union. Same tactics, same M.O.

Exactly ,and you can be sure that nothing they do will be geared towards helping our profession.

With the reduction, nationally, in the number of used house salesmen…NAR needs to increase the dues just to break even, guys.

Once they start having to cut salaries of the politicians they have on payroll…they start to lose their fight to keep out laws that stop them from driving through school zones on the cell phone and stop the laws that provide for sprinkler systems to save lives.

All organized crime organizations like this are needing to collect more to keep up.

Meanwhile…increased dues from lower commissions from fewer sales should go over really big with the 80% of them selling less than 3 houses per year.