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First impression was its sagging at the corners. The main foundation is about 24-26' wide and 14' deep. Everything else other than the main 2 story was added on later. Also two piers were formed in the basement but no beam was installed. Not only does the corners sag but it is also sagging along the center line, except where the two piers are supporting one single floor joist each

This is the side view of the porch entry and upper screened in area. Notice the slight leaning of the support column on the right

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The side entry deck area floor joist are running the long way. Couldn't view much because of low clearance, but only the exterior ledger and two 2 x's at 24 inch centers. Deck area was like a spring board

Here is what's holding this area up

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No footer under those stones. No other post or pier anywhere!!! ![icon_eek.gif](upload://yuxgmvDDEGIQPAyP9sRnK0D0CCY.gif)

Standing on the porch area looking into the house. Siding on left is main unit, siding on right is addition area over crawlspace. The crawlspace side is sinking

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Here's why

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From the top down, the first to boards are floor joists. Then there's the home made truss that was installed sitting on a rotted out plate, which is mostly hidden by the wire in the foreground. Could not get any closer to this area, headroom was about 14 inches.

Here's the penthouse view.

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Only a few nails holding this thing together.

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More of the crawl space later