more of why we walk on roofs

you won’t find this from the ground. Roof looked great unitl I peeled apart a few shingles. :stuck_out_tongue:
Somebody just said “I don’t care…”

Nice catch, Sean.

I would have missed that. I will not in the future. Thanks Sean.

Charley must be proud!

Curious what you do, or say, when you “peel apart” (and damage) a tab and don’t find anything wrong. Except now the seal strip has been broken and damaged.

Exactly my thought. I check for adhesion, but I stop short of breaking the adhesion. In this instance it paid off, but I would think you would find nothing more often then you would find defects and you would just have potentially made a defect.

And seriously, you take the right to “bear arms” literally. :mrgreen:

I typically start by noticing there are few nails in the attic space.
If they will seperate without damage, the bond at what few shingles i seperate will bond back on a hot day.
Many roofs, 3 tabs especially, have a poor bond when they are older and are easier to lift apart.
Also a roof like that will generally pull up in regards to overall lifting since the nails are not present, which is another reason for a deeper look.

I just don’t climb up there and start tearing things apart, I have to have a reason. The reason on that one was I saw no nails coming through the wood in the attic.

Chris the strip is just tar, if it comes apart it will bond back when its hot.

Great info thanks

That’s another good reason to do the attic before the roof, a debate this forum has seen a few times. I may have to reconsider my inspection path. Good info Sean.

Only thing I would still be concerned about is separating shingles at the beginning or middle of winter when they may not re-adhere and wind damage could occur. It’s just one of those risks we sometimes have to take I guess.

You can get run over crossing the road as well.
breaking the seal on 2 shingles would not affect the overall performance IMO. A 3 tab maybe but not part of a 30 year.
If your that concerned, carry a tube of blackjack, and if you discover the shingles are GTG, then a couple dabs should work at sealing it back up. .

I have never found a roof yet that all shingles are sealed. I check a spot and if it won’t budge, i move over a little. Usually withing a few seconds I find one that was never sealed well to begin with. All I need is one or two spots to suggest a overall look.