More Opportunities For Inspectors

I don’t know why I got this, but if anyone is interested here you go.

Subject: Market your Home Protection System to one of the fastest growing market today](

[FONT=Arial]We need knowledgeable, professional gay or gay friendly real estate agents, home protection services, brokers, mortgage lenders, home appraisers, insurance agents, and home inspectors who would look forward to serving our gay community.[/FONT]

One of today’s fastest growing home owner market segments is our gay family communities. They are highly motivated, successful and very influential members of our American society. They have the means and the need to secure loans and purchase homes in some of the wealthiest communities. They are searching for likeminded as well as opened minded business professionals to help them achieve their life goals. We believe that with the recent court rulings, the legalization of gay marriages in some states, that our gay communities will begin flourish even more. This is creating a large demand for more service professionals to help service our gay brothers and sisters in fulfilling their American dream. If you are the type of service professional that can embrace and accept their needs, wants, and lifestyle, we invite you to become a working part of our community.

We need representation in all of the major cities to service our gay communities. Our future gay homeowners would like to view your website listings and possibly find their special dream home. They would also like to secure the services of all the professionals who are a part of the process in securing and protecting their dream home.

Our gay community website has already moved up to the first or second pages of Yahoo, Google, Lycos Pro, AOL, & Netscape, just to name a few of the top search engines. You will find us there under terms like Gay Inspection Directory, Gay Real Estate, Gay Real Estate Agents, Gay Real Estate Listings, Gay Real Estate Directory, and many other search word phrases. As you can see, we work very hard to provide the Gay Community with a unique gateway access to some of the Top Real Estate Professionals and Brokers in the country. We want them to feel comfortable that our real estate professionals understand their life style and will be focused on their specific needs and goals in finding their next dream home.

We also believe we have a very fair and competitive pricing structure. We don’t request an exorbitant premium to be listed on our directory, nor do we demand a portion of your commissions, like some other gay sites do. Please take a moment and check out one of our city ads to get an idea how your ad might look. Check out the address below.](

Submitting your site to online directories is an easy and a efficient way to help drive targeted consumers to your website. People will find you on our internet site and be given a path to go directly to your website. This not only brings visitors to your website, but it also provides a direct path for search engine “spiders” to find your website and index your pages within their results. This also gives you valuable, one way, inbound links which will help your page rank on all search engines. We do all of this for you so you can focus on closing your real estate transactions and taking care of your client base.

For an annual fee of $80.00, (US Funds) you can have two advertising positions on our site (more if desired) and all the advertising exposure that goes with it. We not only include your business address, e-mails, telephone and cell numbers; we also create a direct path to the home page of your personal web site. We include a personal photograph if you so desire and you may write a small paragraph about the unique services that you will be offering. In case you don’t have a web site, this will give you internet exposure on the World Wide Web. You can enter the home page of our site at](

To share your professional services with our visitors, all you need to do is to go to this address]( and fill out the required form.
Once you have completed the form, hit submit at the bottom of the page which will take you to Link Point Central Secures Billing processing service, there you may complete your transaction.

Gay Inspector Directory, we take PRIDE in servicing the Gay community.