More Potential Home Inspectors Heading to Florida

Qualified potential home inspectors are heading to Florida.

I am looking for an inspector

He be on his way down there homey.

LOL…INSPECTOR is the word…you will most likely find a wannabe…

Good luck, now the fun begins…finding the right person…

Lots of wannabies, I am ok with that as long as they listen and learn.

It is the inspectors that think they know, that scare me. I was a wannabe at one time.

Maybe one of the newbies will tell me how to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Members responding in kind to this post will be taking our profession of home inspection to a new low.

Bruce Gregory
Florida Home Inspector 1167
Florida Mold Assessor 450
InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503


I am looking.

I think he was referring to Linusise’ sad attempt at humor.

Just trying to help. Sorry you feel you are better than disadvantaged Northerners. Maybe you can hire one of these poor folks as a deck hand on your big boat. Give back to society.

I did not originally notice it. I agree, his humor could be offensive to some. If someone thought it was derogatory towards a group they should report it. Knowing Linas’ humor, it is usually offensive to most.

Bruce loosen up your tie:p

I don’t think that anything I said could be construed as my feeling better than anyone else and in fact was a reaction to what I perceived as a racist thread, straight up. Now perhaps the hour was late and my not knowing you I reacted in the way I did. If I was wrong then I regret it and apologize sir as I would never knowingly disparage another member of this forum unless they absolutely deserved it.

Bruce Gregory
Florida Home Inspector 1167
Florida Mold Assessor 450
InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503

That’s ok Bruce, we see you are quite new here. You’ll get used to the place as time goes on…;-):smiley:

Linas is an exceptional character. I believe he was only referring to the over diversified areas of Detroit and their potential plans for economic recovery. He is an equal opportunity promoter. Sorry Linas, my boat is too small to require a crew. Unless you are talking about bow bunnies:)

Retired from GM in 95, went to college at Wayne in Detroit and I think Detroit and Michigan have what they deserve. Unions and progressives destroyed the state.
Sold my last house in Michigan last December, haven’t been there in 5 years, no time or desire to go. Michigan is a beautiful state and I believe I’ve seen most of the states. It’s a shame, but people want to act like addicts and destroy themselves, so be it. You shouldn’t feel sorry for the state when most survive off of someone else’s work.

Sorry for the rant, but I did love my home state once.

Three cheers for unions, socialism, and progressives, just pray your state is not next.
PS : [FONT=Arial]Illinois is lost already

Illinois sent our potential home and mold inspectors to Florida as well.

Mr Shisilla
I have trained men to lay-brick, roof, labor, drive.
Mr Shisilla you are making a very good point.
You take time because there enthusiasm can be tailored to create a great worker ( inspector ) and earn you money at the same time. Win Win for all.
Takes about 2 -3 weeks to see there potential. They are nervous at the start.
I always explained at the beginning that this is a trial and if I could not see potential in making profit from them I would have to let them go. It was no judgment of personal character. They just did not fit in. I wished them luck.
I had them sign a contract. I looked into my legal responsibility’s and government concerns.
I am a business owner not a government subsidized school.
Good luck.:slight_smile:

Mr.Wall they built factory’s to big and put them all in one state to start.
It was a political and business misstep. They should have structured all big firms to allocate so much of a businesses entity into more states or in my case provinces.
Spread the wealth. This would lesson the negative affects on any 1 state or province for any downturn and its effects on any specific industry.
I hope all these lessons are remembered and not just forgotten by the next generation or government. (**THE PEOPLE **)

You must mean the smart ones left. :slight_smile:
Time for work, have a good day folks.

Why thank you…as been said here before, I resemble that remark. :cool: