More prizes all night after the Super Bowl is over!

The torch has been passed!!!

Oh Yeah

No, but HAL knew who would win.

sounded horrible m wife and i had to pull out one of his CD’s because he sounded bad and we wanted to hear the songs sung well.

Let’s start the prizes up again…

Welcome, rcooke.

Sounds good!

Hope you didn’t bet too much…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I did lose a good chunk of money from this game. DAMN, I need a cash advance in the morning or the leg breakers will be over Tuesday. Oh well. I eat my words I had mentioned earlier. The Giants played a fantastic game.

I can say… that my boys had one hell of a season. With 18-0, they set all sorts of World records. For that, I’m proud of the PATS.

And for those assholes who gave me the REDS, it’s only a game. Grow-Up.

Eli Manning is the next Trent Dilfer

I really did not care who won the game… it was all fun.

BTW… you can barrow some crutches I have…:mrgreen:

I might need a pair, John. My account has less money than I thought. I might have to barter my services or sell my ThermaCam. I made several crazy bets.

:cry: ](*,) :twisted: :shock:

Rub it in, Richard. I don’t mind.

Does anyone have $6,500.00 I can borrow?

Congrats to the Giants and their fans, they played a great game.

Dave, I have an extra sofa if you need to hide out in the mountains.

Thanks Chris. I gave you a greenie, but you have that option shut-down.

I’m going to ask for an extension. I just hope and pray that they don’t come down hard on me today. As a matter of fact, I’m leaving for the day. Maybe they’ll take it out on my mother-in-law.

I’m guessing your wife doesn’t have access to your pc! :wink: , come on up I’m staying in the office today watching a marathon of Three Games to Glory 1, 2 and 3.

PatriotsS.B.rings (375 x 128).jpg

My wife knows I can’t stand her mother. We just picked her up from the airport last evening (from Dominican Republic) and she’ll be overstaying her visit here for three months. I’m dreading this visit, bigtime

I got home today and found a note on my front door stating…“I WANT MY MONEY”. After a while, my neighbor told me there were a bunch of bikers in my driveway today. I gues that’s where the note came from.

I must face the music, sooner or later.