More Roof Inspection Jobs Being Scheduled for More Members Today

Today, we will be activating more zip codes in our job scheduling system so that more InterNACHI members will be getting more Roof Data Technician jobs.

We are activating the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Iowa
  • Alabama
  • North Carolina
  • Illinois
  • Colorado
  • Virginia

If you’d like to enroll in the Roof Data Technician program (free & online for members) and add a new revenue stream to your business, visit
If you’re already enrolled, there’s nothing more for you to do other than to get ready.

How is the program working out?

I would love to hear from guys and gals who are doing them to see what they think.

Cool! Ready…

I wonder when its legal will most roof inspections be done with a drone?

Ive done several and overall its been a positive experience. I would love to see more info on the job, before accepting it, about roof height and other details though. There was a house recently that I attempted but did not have a ladder high enough to reach…

When will you be in CT?

Slowly going national.

I strongly agree. We should get an exact address with the order, before we choose to accept it. So we can do a quick search and see more details of house/roof we’ll be inspecting.

Do you happen to know if Montana will be added to the list??

I did over 40 of these last year. Take less than 30 minutes on site and less than 10 minutes back at the office. I think I made about $3,000 extra last year. Easy money and I schedule them in between my regular inspections.

What did you make about 75 a job? How about the time getting the stuff and having people knowing what you are doing and able to get you the stuff needed. I heard that was a problem early on.

problem? no. Pain in the butt? yes. Each time I went to Lowes for materials the customer service counter had to call someone at Owens Corning to work out the purchase order but it went smoothly after that.

That is exactly what I have heard about.

DRONE GUY sorry i missed your name but these are inspections where they remove and replace shingles :frowning: That would be a damn fine drone :slight_smile:

Get a drone to carry a robot up there to do it :cool:

The Lowe’s by me knows me now so I don’t have issues very often. Plus you can just buy them yourself and they will reimberse you when they pay you. The biggest pain is storing all the different colors of shingles. I think i have about 8 different colors and both 3 tab and deminsional now. But average I make is $120 for ones that are closer. $150 for ones that are 30 miles away. Plus they have been paying within about 7 to 10 days.

Has Maine been activated? I registered over a year ago and have not been contacted regarding any jobs.


A running list of which areas have been ‘activated’ would be most helpful.