More Samsung Galaxy Camera Reviews

I’ve been following the reviews for the Samsung Galaxy camera since it was released. (Santa said she would get me one if I though it was worth it) Almost all of the reviews have not been favorable. Most reviews slam the image quality.

Recent review
Another recent review
And another
And another
Wouldn’t an Eye-Fi Card in my point and shoot camera do just as well sending good quality images to my Android device??

i tried the wifi card and ran into problems . worked well for about 2 weeks shorten battery life and heated the camera up for some reason . Card failed after a month . just letting you know may be just the camera i used .

The battery is used to transmit wi-fi so it is expected. What report writing program do you use? Did you send your images to your laptop or phone? Tell us more Wayne.

I use Homegauge
Sent them to my laptop.
work great at first . and it could have been just the card last time i used i lost about 50 pictures scrambled

Thanks for your honest response Wayne. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

I think it would!

I wouldn’t recommend taking pictures in the max megapixel setting… it may reduce battery life by having increased transmit time to your android device (larger file… increased transmit time)

Since you’ve been doing some research on the topic… have you found any other expert reviews on the matter that you might share?

Since the camera has only been out on the market for a short time, the reviews are trickling out. All of them have mentioned issues about blurry pictures and focus issues. Here’s another one.

In case you missed my other post, here are some more reviews about the blurry photos.

Here’s another one. Save your money. Stupid is as stupid does. :wink:

Boy, these bad reviews just keep rolling in. What a piece of crap camera. Don’t be stupid, save your money. Read the reviews that are done by professionals before you get screwed.
Another bad review

More bad reviews keep rolling in on this sad example of a camera. Poor picture quality, no manual focus, etc. POS. Stupid is as stupid does.

Give it up Linus.

You don’t need fine picture quality for reports.

I consider your i-phone a gadget by the way as it is driven by hype not technology.

It’s an over priced toy with a fan base.

Give what up? Who died and left you the boss here? I am presenting actual reviews, not hearsay. I just want to make sure my fellow NACHI brothers are not stupid enough to buy this lemon. Fair and balanced.

I went and bought one today. This thing is fantastic!! I’ll be bringing it to the conference next week. If anyone will be there make sure to stop by and see it.

Didn’t you read the reviews? I thought you were smarter than that basement dweller who promotes it despite all the inherent flaws.

You mean Linas is wrong again? :wink:

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Ask Linas if we can post a few of his “real” reviews on his service and then ask him why he stalks me for the last 2 years.
The honest answers are very revealing.

I try not to make fun of the ill however so this is my last comment here.
Too busy with work and have less time to stew or fixate on obsessions .

Linas and Bob have a ‘special’ relationship. We try not to talk about it here.

I’m not discrediting his review. I just point out the reviews by professional photographers. 90% of the reviews by various professional photographers point out inherent flaws in the camera which produce poor quality images and numerous other problems. I didn’t make up the reviews.

Does Bob still have that wool coat?:stuck_out_tongue: