More slander from this pathetic As$hole

Raymond Wand
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Re: Introduction From Raymond Wand
As I have already stated I will not return, several other members have left with me. Others will follow. I also have copies of Emails where Nick pleaded through others for me to come back. What a poor pathetic person Nick is. He only wanted my name to legitimize his efforts in Canada. Well he sure talks out of both sides of his mouth. No one should trust Nick and his posse. The evil empire!

You will be happy to learn that as of tonite at approximately 8:30 pm est the infamous Nick Gromicko has had all my posts pulled along with one other former member, and has blocked my access.

Well so much for the defence of free speech and right to access as so often claimed by the great leader!

Guess Nick and posse don’t like being questioned by those who recognize what goes on.

The value of experience is not in seeing much**,** but in seeing wisely. - Sir William Osler 1905

bye Ray

I do not think he will get a 5 year membership pin.

As my father always says, “When you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you.”

Bye Ray. Best of luck to you!

This moron (Raymond Wand) must have a lot of time on his hands, he is posting here non-stop and on other message boards. Makes me wonder how many inspections he really performs if any.

Ray, watch the door behind you.

PS Good riddens!!!

Hope you stay away for good.

Mario, keep up the good work, tried to send a greenie to you but can’t.

We need these detractors off our message board>>> Now. This has to stop.

Any opinions?

wasn’t this rating system set up so that if a nun member turned red they were ejected.

I, for one, am very happy. It is way past time. Hope you had a happy run, Ray.

Now, maybe, we can have a truely adult board.

Glad you are satisfied, Ray.

Any chance you guys can remove this entire thread now? No need to leave the As$hole topic visible, is there?

Ask Nick.
He demonstrated his ability to remove posts last night on the Comcast thread.

Remove the real problem and you wouldn’t see this type of thread started in the first place.

Someone has recently complained/remarked that it is wrong for members to discuss the damages brought about to us by non-members in forums in which they cannot respond.

Hopefully, the person making this remark is reading this, for I hope that he can come to his senses and understand that ex-members who have been banned from our message board have no right to post ANYWHERE or on ANY FORUM. Thus, what difference does it make?

Since it is apparent that Nick and Chris are totally emasculated by these hackers, this is the only forum available to us to hold discussions such as these without being interrupted by them and their pornographically graphic descriptions of homosexual acts, false accusations of felony convictions and wife beatings, and other posts that are made with the intent to cause us harm.

Nick says he is powerless and at their mercy and cannot delete these posts that they make. I say, we should simply ignore them and hold our discussions in forums like these where they do not have access and the ability to libel and slander us.

I glad someone noticed!!!

It’s about time!
I hope it happened.
Peter, hope your blood pressure gets back to normal! :wink:

Good point Mario, I also wondered the same about the ones(members) that participated with his banter, non-stop. :neutral:


Boy am I glad you guys have seen this censorship.

James, You say Nick is powerless and at their mercy??? then how can he totally delete the entire conversation I had with him on the Comcast thread??? He even deleted Linas’s responses. As a member of the ESOP will you tell me if this board is now censored, seems that way to me.