More than a million readers find InterNACHI featured in major magazine.

More than a million readers found InterNACHI featured in this month’s issue of Bottom Line Magazine.

We need more of the same. It will help us all.

I’m sorry, I don’t read it. But I guess any advertising is better than nothing.

The Bottom Line is the premier gay / lesbian / bisexual/ transgender magazine."

That’s a good choice Nick. My wife and I really like that publication. Many of their contibutors are recurring…so I hope there is more to come!

Notwithstanding Steves post : ), I think the demographics for the Bottom Line are the right market for those who would appreciate and understand the difference between a quality vs a low ball home inspection…maybe you could make the point in a future submission.

Also, you could explain why people should do their own research and beware the realestate agent favorite.

As always, thanks for all the organization does.

I get the publication too. Always something interesting in it.

Steven, that is NOT their web address. Here it is: