More ties to communist...

Jane Fonda’s ex husband, Hugo Chavez, Cuba. Looks like the Soviets were right, they are going to destroy America without having to lift a finger.

Fonda was never married to anyone by that name.

There may possibly be (most likely be) someone in Cuba name Hugo Chavez who was never married to Jane Fonda.

However, the better know Hugo Chavez is the Dictatorial President of Venezuela–no open ties to Cuba.

You mean this guy that has never been married to Jane?

Venezuela’s Chavez calls Palin a confused beauty queen–Reuters – Venezuela’s President Hugo

“I saw the vice presidential candidate, there she was talking about ‘the dictator Hugo Chavez.’ The poor thing, you just feel sorry for her,” he said during a televised broadcast.

“She’s a beauty queen that they’ve pulled out to be a figurehead. We need to say as Christ did: Forgive her, she knows not what she’s saying.” :smiley:

Yes, that’s the one…or not the one…depending on which way or the other you are looking at it…

…or not…maybe.

I wrote it wrong, I did not mean she is married to him, all three are different links to communism is what I was saying, sorry.

Sounds like he makes you proud!:frowning: