Morning log...ick

and some say I’m high priced…not for this job

early birds catch more than worms

Do I tilt the picture to the left or do I tilt my screen to the right.

Which way is downhill?

When did you say payday was?

rotated the pic just for you

at the end of the drainpipe from what I could tell

any day I’m showing up is a payday


Contact Mike Rowe with dirty jobs and take him in the hole.:mrgreen:

You are one sick puppy, Barry.

BUT, it appears that you’re well rewarded for it given the size of the pile on that tray!

I thought you were going to discuss the pile at another location :shock: that’s what got the reward…

The rewards are only as great as the consumers protected.

BTW why don’t you repost your “Is it flu” it’s that time of year again and I have directed numerous clients and agents to this well written document.

Ok, here’s the link to “Is it the Flu or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?”](

I’ll also post is as a new message in the appropriate forum.

Ya know, I’ve read your title several times and finally picked up the play on words…

Morning Log…Ick

Morning Logic

Simply amazing myself sometimes.

At least you went under the crawl space. Most inspectors down here wonder why that must be done or find some silly reason to dislcaim why they wont go under.

Now what kinda log is this.

Take a look at that beam!!!




I’d hoped someone caught the logic :wink:

The furr-ball is too large for Formosan, must be an introduced species???

Whatever species they’re doing a number on that beam. What’s the moisture source?

Mud tube directly under the beam?

and your point? :mrgreen:

misery loves company :mrgreen:

What the heck is that fur ball? That’s disgusting.

I was wondering the same thing and came across this, just in case it needed polishing.

Now I know why my wheels look dull…wrong polish… :twisted:

Barry could you please send me that photo as an attachment or something? Thank you

Which one?

That’s a strange place for a septic tank!