Moronic door openner installation will take the roof off!

Have a look at this garage door opener installation

Take care who you contract with to install equipment; there are morons out there!

Was probably a DIY…saw some home show and decided to save some $$$$.

I love it… keeps GC’s and HI’s in business. lol

and he left the outlet cover off too

It was carried out by a couple flipping properties, not only was that cover left off so were a number in the attic itself.

When you see a couple of those beams/joists cut like that, you should be more in tune to catch them AFTER they realize what they did and they try to patch it up.

I caught at least a half dozen like that in the last 12 months that were patched over. If they do a really good job patching you’ll miss it. But most of the time it’s obv.

Funny when your awl goes thru where a beam is supposed to be.