Mortar cracking in newly laid brick

I am in the process of purchasing a brand new home, never been lived in. It was built starting last September and completed through the winter. We are in Southern Indiana. The initial inspection reported a new places in the mortar needing repointed, by the time weather improved this spring there were a few other places that had come along needing re pointed as well. This passed Friday all of the re pointing had been completed, I’d say about 10-15 places around all 4 sides of the house. I went back to the house this afternoon and found that 3 of the sides look good but one side of the house, about 5 repaired places along this wall, all have cracks in the mortar again, in the exact same places. Some to the point where small pieces of mortar have even fell out of the joint. Is this an issue with the mortar mix or could I be looking a bigger issues like possible settlement? Would settlement happen in a 48 hr time span and in the exact same places that had previously cracked? Can not seem to figure out how to attach pictures, thanks in advance for any help. Oh yeah, and we’re supposed to close on the house this Thursday, trying to figure out if we should delay.

I would get someone to look at that before you sign any contracts.