Mortar joint types. Cool graphics!

You know Nick. These graphics that you are having made are very nice, but they would be even more helpful if they had some descriptions to go along with them. In this case, maybe a sentence or two telling why a mason might choose the particular option. Other descriptions would be especially helpful of the drawings depicting a defect.

Here you go Mark;

Types of Mortar Joints
· Type of mortar joint providences different architectural appearance.
· Weather resistance is a critical consideration in selection of joint type.
· Joints with ledges (weather, squeezed, raked, and struck joints) tend to perform poorly in exterior applications…allowing moisture penetration.
· Tooled joints recommended for exterior applications…tooling compacts mortar preventing moisture penetration.


Yes. They are all part of inspector training courses in development.

Marcel, I saw you posted these in another thread… that’s probably where I got the idea.

We’re also using them in our article library for members to create their own newsletters. For example:

Thanks for the pic Marcel!

Hello All - this is my first post

What is everyone’s opinion on raked joints. I had a house last week that was built in the late 70’s. It had raked joints and the brick was spalling. Do you suggest repointing to your clients?