Most awesome home inspection tool ever invented....

No, we decided to only sell it with the case. We made that decision after realizing that we’d have to charge $80 for the cost of boxing and packing this over-sized product. For $80 we can build the customer a custom hard case… and then use that very same hard case as the shipping crate. Why pay for a custom-made, odd-sized box and packing only to throw it away and have to configure a case? Win-win.

No satisfaction guarantee. Speaks volumes about the product.

Russell, you’d have to email InspectorOutlet for their return policy on this product. I don’t have anything to do with that.

Nick, just consider the source when it comes to Russell’s comments.

I’ll try to get them to post here today.


Consider the source? What an idiot. You want people to shell out $750 on someone’s word? These haven’t been field tested by anyone outside the inner circle. Is satisfaction guarantee an outrageous request?

Russell, read the thread slower (particularly posts #23 and #25).

Russell, Inspector Outlet has fulfilled thousands of orders for inspectors, and shipped hundreds of thousands of products. Whenever a customer doesn’t like something or has a problem with it, we either ship them a new one, refund his money or both. I don’t think you’ll find too many complaints about Inspector Outlet’s customer service. This product is no different, if you’re not happy with it, send it back.

The Panasonic DMC-SZ5 digital camera is the only item in the package that’s handled differently, it has it’s own warranty through Panasonic and any issues with it should be handled through them. We can’t fix digital cameras here.

Was that so hard? It was a question asked several times and not answered and intentionally skipped.

Nick I read perfect…You just never understand because it does not revolve around Nick and his little world…

Russell, Inspector Outlet doesn’t monitor this message board, I only came on here because Nick directed me to this thread. If you have any other questions like this in the future, please email Inspector Outlet at I’m just too busy shipping to be on here all the time. :smiley:

Well I just thought since the person marketing the product would have at least a vague idea about it. Guess I was wrong…


Who is the idiot?

Yeah, the guy that consistently berates Nick and many things NACHI.

That’s you.

Don’t like it or the terms under which it is offered?

Don’t buy it or make your own as others have.

Apparently you are quite bored these days and have decided to become a NACHI troll.

Russell writes:

Russell, read your own posts slower. You didn’t ask about the “product.” You asked about Inspector Outlet’s return policy.

Read post #14…th title of the the thread is Inspectascope or something. I stated it looked pretty cool, is the a satisfation guarantee…where is the confusion?

NAHI troll…LMAO says the man with lioke 30,000 posts…He is the guy with a life. LMAO…

I put the Spectoscope together myself Russell, just shoot us an email with any questions you’ve got.

Sounds great thanks for sharing ! Can it shovel snow off a roof too ?:wink:

That makes alot of sense Russel- maybe not :???:

I bought one for Joe Farsetta for Christmas. He got it today.