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If an atom were the size of the Houston Astrodome, then its nucleus would be the size of a _____?

Well, I was going to answer a golf ball, but I did a little calculation and so would say a gum ball.

I found a variety of online texts, and they all disagree. They all use the Huston Astrodome analogy, but they size of the nucleus varies in these texts between a ping-pong ball, pea, marble, and speck of dust, with pea being the most popular answer.

YOUR BRAIN!!! Sorry Ben, you just kinda walked right in to that one, and I couldn’t pass it up. Just funnin ya!:twisted:

Great course…I’m doing it now…:smiley:

“…the size of a pea” :wink:

Yes. Pea.

Manufactured home should be tested for radon.
Unless these buildings are set up on piers without any skirting placed around them, interior vacuums can cause radon to enter these types of homes.

Do you agree?

Who the hell wrote that and where’s their testing? More scare tactics!! In our area the odd man. home is set on a 6-8’ foundation…then testing may be appropriate…if you’re in a high radon area.

I take that as a “No.”

EPA states that radon can enter a manufactured/mobile home that has a skirt around it. Radon tests should be recommended for those types of structures.