Most registered message board users ever online occurred last night.

1,663 registered users where on this message board at once.

Damn, I knew I forgot to log out when I went to bed!:neutral:

Do you have a break down on how many are members .
I see many members visit who seldom make a post .
That is great they are at least increasing their knowledge .

That is true for most members. Most come here to read, but never post.

Must have been hot topics in the political

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How very unfortunate.
Or…perhaps fortunate.

Hard to say since the great silent majority is…silent.

Some members visit this message board every night for years, but have only made a handful of posts. I consider that contributing.

Some post a lot.
Some post a little.
Posting is a contribution indeed.
Not posting at all…eh.

And some ALL CAPS post effluent for attention…:roll:

Hi Nick,
It’s because InterNachi is the best in the business. Bar none.