Most ridiculous request ever

Can I sue them for taking kickbacks from Home Gauge on this ?
Loss of business ?
Pay me for my time .

My client just hit me with this for tomorrows inspection and I am busy setting up software templates for my new phone with superior Home Inspector Pro.

Why would YOUR client request that you go through a third party?

Look at the link.

Sue? It doesn’t cost anything to an approved inspector, nor can you do anything with it except NACA inspections… as it’s designed to upload to their (naca) server. You would complete application, submit all needed information and wait for user ID/Pass.

If you’re not a naca inspector, may cause delays. PS, specific instructions are included with template, pic of member at front of home etc etc.

I did. That doesn’t really answer my question.

Yes it does as it is a loan requirement.

Total insanity.

Get hip approved , shouldn’t be a problem .lol Feel the love Bobby

So does NACA send inspections to you, or is it just required to use HG if their client gets a loan through them?

Yes to the second one.
Juan said it is not even worth it.
My business is strong and am turning down inspections lately so have no need to mess with idiots.

I can use the free time to perfect my reports to make more $$$$

Why would you anyway?..

Ha ha they think we do the repairs or something ?

Always read the ‘fine print’ first. Save yourself the aggravation.

If I need to read fine print that is aggravation.
I do not get off reading small text.

I was approached by Nacca a few years back. Looked at their requirements and what they were willing to pay in our area and rejected them. In my area most of the homes were lower priced, low income, minority rough-stuff neighborhoods, OR 1st timers with limited funds. I felt it was too much time and not enough moola.

Using their version of HG is very reasonable so they know their clients are getting the same type report everywhere. HouseMaster also uses HG for their franchise software.

Major Relo Companies use their version of the ERC form so lenders, clients and they themselves get uniformity … That’s common. They want to ensure a quality product vs any old part-time inspectors 4 page checklist OR 65 page report wih 250 photo’s, etc.

2 inspectors I know, both good inspectors (1 spanish, 1 black) took their work and seem to get a lot of business off of Nacca … AND do a fair amount of Home Buyer Seminars with them locally (which also gets them more bus) … So to each his own

They should use superior HIP software in that case.

Apparently that’s not their opinion.
“After extensive research”](

Chris -

I think thats why HouseMaster went with HG also … NOT because its cheaper, because its not.

Just looking at the pictures will do? :wink:

One of the things I like about pictures is it shows I am not afraid that I missed something.

Fingers crossed but so far so good after 8 years.

Right over his head Stephen! :stuck_out_tongue: