Most ridiculous request ever

Just received an email from that guy with the goofy lender request for yu regulars.
Seems he is deciding to not use them and just sent this …{excerpt.}

would you be willing to do the inspection? I read your sample report and I like the format you provide of including photographs which identify concerns and your “list of concerns” page which is a nice quick glance that reviews everything that you covered. Please let me know

Keep doing everything the quick easy way boys.

I was with HouseMaster when the Reporting Software change was made…
We used PC FoxPro which was what it was…

They engaged multiple Vendors from all areas of the Industry…
when reviewing making the Software change from “In House” versus “Outside Vendor”

HomeGauge was one of the few Vendors available at the time, that could incorporate a Franchise Model / Template within their Software Product to be used by multiple International Franchisees to satisfy the National / Provincial requirements.

Apparently, others also see the adaptability and the HG company’s ability to be receptive to specific needs.

It is a great product that remains stable…
I still use my own template model of HomeGauge Today. (since 2007)