Motion Computing Tablet PC Users - link for free software

If you own a Tablet PC here is a link for some free software (experience pak) on Microsoft’s website to capture information, highlight it, write on it and put in an e-mail. This tool will put the information in the body of the e-mail - not as an attachment.

Any questions or want to purchase a Tablet PC - Paradise Computers offers NACHI members 6% discount - please call 877-855-1896 or e-mail:

Happy Inspecting:)

Nancy Nelson
Paradise Computers

Really impressed with the 1600 model, Nancy!
Do you find that more inspectors prefer the 1600 over the 800?

Hi Russ,

I think the size is what determines each persons preference. The 800 is 1 pound lighter then the 1600. The biggest difference in the tablets is the resolution. The 800’s is 800x600 and the 1600 is 1024x768. So if you have eyes of a 50 year old like me - the 1600 is the better solution. :smiley: