Motivational speakers for 2007 Convention under $50K each.

[FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial]I put the word out that NACHI would be interested in a motivational speaker at its 2007 Convention. Here are the speakers that offered to speak for anywhere between $15 and $50K.

Jimmy Johnson—Super Bowl coach…Lives in Florida.
Keith Harrell—“attitude is everything”…one of the top speakers in the world…check out
Bruce Jenner—1976 Olympic decathlon champ, celebrity
Mike Eruzione—1980 Olympic hockey hero…Great fit with this group.
Vince Lombardi Jr…Son of hall of fame coach…excellent
Brian Holloway—former all-pro lineman…top speaker…Lives in Florida
Don Shula—hall of fame Dolphins coach…lives in florida
Rep. John Kasich—former congressman, host of show on Fox
President Gerald Ford
Art Linkletter
David Feherty—funny, CBS golf analyst…
Aron Ralston—climber who spent five days trapped under a boulder, had to cut his arm off to survive…
Sugar Ray Leonard
Johnny Miller—NBC golf announcer, hall of fame golfer
Bill Rancic—winner of the first APPRENTICE
Daniel”rudy”Ruetigger—Movie Rudy based on his life.
Dave Barry—top columnist, humorist…lives in Miami
Jeffrey Gitomer—one of North America’s top sales speakers
Jim Mccann—ceo of
Howard Putnam—former ceo of Southwest Airlines
Jim Rogers—author of the “adventure capitalist.”,top finance guru
Ben Stein—top political pundit, author, finance mind, actor, celebrity
Michael Gerber—author of the e-myth revisited…top book and top speaker…Great fit for your group.
George Will
Henry Kissinger
Larry Hagman
Chris Matthews
Steve Thomas—host of the show “this old house.”

I especially like Steve Thomas of “This Old House.” Larry Hagman at $45K was my second choice but for purely personal reasons :slight_smile:

Any opinions?


15k guy plus free food.:wink:

A few more:

Mike Ditka
Rocky Bleier
Buzz aldrin
Jim lovell
Sen bill Bradley
Sen fred Thompson
Lou holtz
Steve forbes
Peter ueberroth
Dick vitale
Chris berman
Oliver north
Gen Wesley clark
Harvey mackay—author of “swim with the sharks”
Frank abagnale—leo dicaprio portrayed him in the spielberg film, “catch me if you can.”
D.michael abrashoff—head of navy’s top aircraft carrier in the gulf war.
Ram Charan, jim Collins, gary hamel, marcus Buckingham—top management/leadership consultants

Seems our money can be spent better elsewhere. I have never been impressed with motivational speakers. A lot of money for nothing,.,

Now Gary… how long have you known me? You know that the motivational speech is only icing on the cake. Think about how to exploit for national marketing of our membership.

Lance Armstrong was too expensive by the way… $200K.

Gary’s request, the King in the Burger King commercial is unavailable. :slight_smile:


How many times do I gotta tell you it’s McDonalds not Burger King :slight_smile:

How much for

Dave Chappelle :cool:

Whats John Stewart doing?

Bill O rilley?

I think you should give RR some cash to motivate some folks.

I would say his contributions over the years are worth around $35,000,00 dollars at least in my bank account.:smiley:

Thanks again RR for all you do.

I second it…:smiley:

Referral Rewards…:smiley:

How about Matt Foley, he can stay in his van…DOWN BY THE RIVER

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pam Anderson gets my vote, she can stay in my van. I have to get a van.

That was too funny…pulling up his pants…etc…:smiley: :smiley:

Brian, where is the Landscaper living?..:roll:

REALTORs love This Old House. I think it would be really great to hire Steve Thomas with the condition that his pic go on the front page of our Real Property Times.

Gary can have Ronald McDonald in 2008.


As an old and wise marketing guy you should know that the old motivational speaker scam is so last century.

Better spent of food and booze.

Uh, ya

Whats a better motivator than food and booze? Sports and the Nachette’s make interesting side dishes too


I know a gentleman who walked into our town with $300 in his pocket and is now a self made millionaire. No Joke! There is a motivational speaker. The best part about it, he is a down to earth gentleman.