Motor cycle inspections

I just came back from walking the dog, and a few blocks away from my house their was a guy leaving a house for sale on a motor cycle. Nothing strange about that until I walked by the people in the driveway. One thing led to another and found out that the person on the motor cycle was the inspector. They thought that was a little strange too. Anybody do inspections on a bike?

Had a heck of a time getting the damned thing into and out of the attic so I went back to the unicycle. ;-):smiley:

Only draw inspections

I have on occasion. Once I was going on vacation to the beach. A friend at the beach wanted me to inspect their home. I explained to them that I would be on a bike and they were fine with it. I did the job, which was otherwise the same as any other inspection I do.

That would work great for Downtown Chicago as they never see what you are driving but for a regular home inspection it is not professional and where is the ladder ?

Russel Ray used to.

Ladder on a trailer and away you go, or maybe an “extend and climb” on the luggage rack.

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4motorcyle ladder.jpg

Maybe it’s just me, but I would be pissed if I hired an Inspector for my Home Inspection, and he arrived on a bike??? It’s just not professional. IMHO.

Here is a link to a friends site. He does sewer inspections. When the weather is good he goes to his inspection on his bike. He has a matching trailer.

Motor Cycle inspector

Curious as to why you would be pissed off? It isn’t about the ride but the job done. What exactly is unprofessional about using a motorcycle? Pretty Green if you ask me!

I carry a lot of stuff with me to an inspection. Much more than I could ever fit on a cycle, and if I was hiring an inspector I would imagine there were tools needed to perform the inspection. The image I get seeing a cycle pull up (without a trailer, as a trailer would make it different, and in a way, pretty cool) but if a cycle alone pulls up, I would think this inspection is going to be done pretty quickly, with a minimum of tools, and I’m not getting a quality inspection. It may not be the case, as I may get a GREAT inspection, but perception is reality, and my first impression is bad with a cycle. I would expect a truck, van, SUV, or at the minimum a car to arrive. This is just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions…

Thanks I was just curious…